As a Chicago native, I can tell you confidently that I know pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, pan, you name it. If it has cheese, sauce and any sort of topping, I am an expert. So I've done my best to try as many local pizza joints in the cedar valley in my short eight month tenure as a resident. Some are good, and others, not so much. There is one pizza that I believe is "slept on" to coin a term, and it really is delicious.

Urban Pie might just have the most underrated pizza in the Cedar Valley. Located in downtown Cedar Falls, Urban Pie has a unique twist on pizza. They have multiple types of pizza that go against the norm. Southwest Taco, Big D's Buffalo Chicken and The Farm Boy are just some of these tasty pies that I've tried. Urban Pie is actually the No.1 rated Pizza place in Cedar Falls according to Tripadvisor. I haven't delved into all of them quite yet, but I can say with certainty, I'll make it a priority.

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