I have a fear. I have a fear that in the future kids will forget the importance of reading. Not just reading for knowledge sake but also reading for the importance of allowing our minds to wander and using our imagination to create new worlds. That is why "Read Across America" week is so important. It allows us to remind kids that there is more beyond just a computer screen!

"Read Across America" week happens March 2nd through the 6th and is a way to encourage kids to enjoy reading and read more. If you are trying to figure out ways to encourage your kids more, why not try some of these tips this week.

Huffington Post has put together a list of 26 ways to encourage your kids to read more. I will give you a few ideas and then you can check out the full article for more ideas. Good luck on your reading journey!

1. Keep Books Everywhere

2. Keep the books accessible, especially for little ones.

3. Read aloud... share the experience with your kids.

4. Read together... make it an interactive experience with your kids not a passive experience for them.

5. Graphic novels are a form of reading, use it.

6. Use multiple forms of reading: ebooks, audiobooks, hard cover.


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