It's amazing how many clever and creative people there are on the internet. I've always been jealous of people who can take common items that we see or use regularly and find completely new/different ways to use them. This gentleman might be my biggest hero for the next hour.

Who would've thought that when you're done drinking your Busch Light beer, or whichever brand you prefer, you could use the empty can for so many different life hacks? I remember a friend of mine and I used some empty beer cans for Christmas tree decorations when we didn't have any at our house one year, and we thought we'd really come up with something special.

That was child's play compared to Jimbo and his ideas. All of these empty beer can life hacks blow that idea out of the water. This is a guy everyone in America can learn something from.

Empty Beer Can Life Hacks

Jimbo the How To Dad Redneck uses empty beer cans as dryer sheets, flower vases, lanterns, etc. Check out these 12 Crazy Beer Can Redneck Life Hacks.

Have you tried any of these? Which ones would you be willing to try today? How have I gone 33 years of life and not learned any of these? There is something I really like the idea of using a can opener to take the top off of an empty beer. He uses the can as a pen, pencil holder, and toothbrush holder. I feel like my wife would really enjoy that decoration...

Jimbo the How To Dad Redneck should be teaching classes at a prestigious college somewhere, this guy is awesome.

I have some beers to drink and some new decorations to put up around the house. I'm sure my wife will be filled with joy when she gets home from work.

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