It's something you hear in every state: "Ugh, (insert state or city) drivers are the absolute WORST." And sometimes, that might be true. But sometimes, it's just a poorly designed road that makes terrible driving easier.

I'm willing to bet that if you're an Iowan, a certain interstate just sprang to mind, right? It's okay; we can all admit that I-80 can be a mess. But as of this week, it's officially been dubbed the deadliest interstate in Iowa.

According to CBS News, almost 19 people die on I-80 in Iowa every year. Unfortunately, it makes sense given how populated it is. The highway runs through both Des Moines and Iowa City, two of the biggest cities in the state.

It doesn't affect Illinois too much though. The deadliest route in Illinois is U.S. 45. It's arguably bigger than I-80, running the length of the state, from Wisconsin to Kentucky. But it doesn't claim as many lives. On average, more than 11 people die on U.S. 45 each year.

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