Sometimes it can be hard to relate to celebrities. Their struggles are usually small compared to ours, and most of us would trade their worst day for our best (the cushion of millions and millions of dollars would certainly soften the blow for me). However, there are certain things I can identify with, such as coming up with a "stage name" because people were always mispronouncing my real name. "Slater" is way easier, trust me.

One celeb with the same struggle is model Chrissy Teigen, who made a revelation on social media earlier this week about her name. She posted a video on Twitter saying "I'm tired of living this lie. It's TY-GEN, not TEE-gen, like everyone says it."

Chrissy then asked her mom, who was also in the video, and she confirmed it. Yup. Chrissy just got tired of correcting people, so she decided to embrace the mispronunciation and keep the name professionally.

But on the Emmy red carpet Monday night (9/17), she told E!'s Giuliana Rancic that she wanted everyone to CONTINUE saying it wrong--and promptly apologized to her father. Check out the clip here:

Oh, and if that wasn't turns out we've been saying Ariana Grande's name wrong, too.

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