Part two of our recap of the Audible Original Impact Winter season 2 is Game of Thrones-level jaw-dropping, which is to be expected from executive producers of The Walking Dead and Travis Beacham writer of Pacific Rim and creator of Carnival Row. As we rejoin this vampire-apocalypse audio series, our hero, Darcy, has passed the ultimate test and acquired the means to kill the Queen — suffering a devasting loss along the way. Question is: What will Darcy do next?

This is exactly what we’ll break down in our part two video. Darcy now has a clearer path to destroying the Queen. And the clock is ticking as the Council ratchets up the pressure through various means to draw Darcy out of hiding. A deadly vampire assassin, Humble Jon, is hot on the trail while Penelope and a survivor from the Soho Blood Farm race to locate the Vampire Rebellion (and Hope) before he can. Will Darcy succeed in ending the Queen’s reign and fulfill her destiny before those she loves fall victim to the Council’s wrath? Warning, there are spoilers for the second half of Season 2.

Check out the video below, and listen to both seasons of Impact Winter ad-free on Audible or with limited interruption wherever you get your podcasts.

Can’t get enough of Impact Winter Season 2?  Check out our exclusive interview with the series creator, Travis Beacham:

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