Every time I see a new viral challenge, I start wondering how much more idiotic can people get? Honestly, this one proves that the levels of stupidity knows no bounds.

Now, this trend has not necessarily come to the U.S. yet (at least that we know of), but it has raised some concerns for the Austrian government to put out a warning. Apparently overseas, people have made kissing cows a new viral challenge. I don't just mean on the side of the head... I mean on the MOUTH!

Yeah, gross, right?

Well, not only is it gross but its also unsanitary and could injure you! That's right, the Austrian government sent out a warning statement in case it made it's way over to the U.S. that sneaking up on a cow to kiss it on the mouth could result in injury! Cows do not like being snuck up on and if they feel their calves are threatened too, they will attack you.

So, I guess I am saying (although, never thought I would have to say this) just don't kiss cows.

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