There are many ways to go viral online these days. You could do something positive to help your community, create a new hit song, show off your weird talents or share a video of a funny fail that happened to you. That is exactly how Carly Printy recently went viral on Tik Tok.

Carly Printy is an eastern Iowa basketball player from Marion, Iowa who is about to enter into her freshman year at Truman State and play for the NCAA Division II Great Lakes Valley Conference, according to FoxNews. However, she has already made a splash in the basketball world with a new Tik Tok video that went viral.

In this Tik Tok, it looks like Carly was trying to show off her basketball skills by throwing the ball backwards over her head and into the basket. While the ball was SUPPOSED to go in the basket, she showed off her dance moves to the camera. Let's just say all didn't go as planned... check out the video below to see what happened next...

OUCH! Ugh, that hurt me just watching it! As embarrassing as this may be for some, Carly decided to post this fail and it has now gone viral! According to KCCI, ESPN saw and got a hold of the video and it now has over 9 million views!

Let's just hope she does better on the court come fall than in the Tik Tok videos.


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