Everything can be pretty scary when you are little and no matter how much your parents reassure you that you are safe, sometimes you need a little reassurance from the experts.

6-year-old Hayden recently needed a little reassurance. You see, according to KWQC, Hayden told his mom that there were some bad guys in his new bedroom whenever the attic door would open. Of course there weren't any and Hayden's mom, Amanda, thinks the door would open when the air shifted throughout the home.

However, no matter how much she kept trying to reassure her son that there were no bad guys in the house Hayden still had trouble sleeping at night due to fear. Hayden wanted a police officer to check out his room to make sure no bad guys were there. So, Hayden and his mom went to Eldridge Police Department and talked to School Resource Officer Bruce Schwartz.

Schwartz agreed to come to Hayden's house and he looked around and informed Hayden that there was no one there and nothing to worry about. Ever since then, Hayden has been able to sleep better at night and even play in the attic. The kindness doesn't stop there though. On Hayden's first day of school, Officer Schwartz met Hayden to make sure he was doing okay.

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