The holiday season is already stressful enough. Buying presents, the awful weather, and let's not forget dealing with the in-laws. As if all of that wasn't enough, add another plate to the weight of your crippling anxiety. Iowa might be facing a french fry shortage.

Because of all the cold, wet weather throughout the United States and Canada has damaged potato crops and has led potato processors to desperately try to keep up with the North American french fry demand. With the shortage, restaurants across the country may be serving smaller portions of fries, or even raise their prices.

While the decline is minimal and trending downward slowly, some experts believe that it isn't too much of an issue. Although it would be the lowest output since 2010 production numbers have only gone down 5.5% in Idaho, the nation's largest potato producer. So enjoy those delectable side dishes while you can, we may be running out. Read the full story here.

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