One of the worst feelings in the world is when you look outside your window at three in the afternoon, and all you see is darkness. The beauty of winter time, right? Then do you remember that amazing day in the fall when you actually gained an extra hour of sleep?

What all of us would give for an extra hour of sleep right now.

In a recent report from Radio Iowa, it looks like there is legislation in the work to stop the clock. This bill is currently up for debate in the Iowa State Senate.

The latest is that the Senate State Government Committee has gone forward with the bill's approval. If this bill goes all the way through, this could make Daylight Saving Time permanent all year long. Which means that Iowans will not have to worry about changing the clocks twice the year. So, no more falling back or springing forward for us here in the Hawkeye State.

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Daylight Saving Time came into law more than fifty years ago. There are several states and territories in the United States that don't follow these daylight saving rules. Arizona, Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Island, and even Puerto Rico have just stuck to standard time and have opted out of the time change.

Louisiana has also been trying to adopt daylight saving time as the standard time year round. This bill passed through legislatures this summer, and even got signed off by the governor. Officials say they are still waiting for changes in the current federal law. Currently the law on the national level says that states don't have the power to decide on whether they can adopt daylight saving or not.

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