Let's face it, as humans we LOVE fireworks. It's something about the explosion, the colors and even the sound. It's all very dramatic and as we all know, humans are known to be drawn to the dramatic. However as much as we love our fireworks, our pets don't... especially dogs.

I know when I was growing up my golden retriever hated fireworks as a puppy. As she got older she seemed to get used to it but she would still shake when they go off, cower in a corner and just be very scared. I always felt bad for her and wished I could help her calm down. If you have a doggie that reacts the same way, well that is not too uncommon but there are some things to help calm your dog that you can do.

This upcoming 4th of July will more than likely scare your pets due to the fireworks, so the AKC (American Kennel Club) has a list of ways to keep your dog calm during the fireworks. Here are 5 ways to do that:

1. Create a safe space: Whether it is curled up beside you in a blanket or as far away as possible from a window to a basement or other area, try to keep your dog in a safe space that is quieter and away from the action.

2. Play white noise: Whether it's a fan, a TV on or just a white noise app, if it helps to drown out the sound of the fireworks it will help to calm your pup down.

3. Make sure to comfort you dog: Try not to leave them at home or at least leave them with a trusted person if you must leave at this time so they are not scared and alone.

4. Walk your dog BEFORE fireworks: Taking them out for a walk during the fireworks will only scare them more and they could escape and run away. Walk them during plenty of daylight and with as little loud sounds as possible.

5. Try desensitizing your dog to the sound: Try playing firework sounds off your phone quietly for them to get them used to the sound so they can acclimate themselves to it and calm down.

There are a few other ways to calm your pet down and you can check those out at the AKC website here. 



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