A sport with fictional origins has become very real. And very competitive.

Cedar Rapids will host the U.S. Quidditch Midwest Regional Tournament, November 3rd & 4th, at the Tuma Soccer Complex. On average, 10-15 teams participate in the Fall Midwest Regional bringing 210 to 315 athletes. The winners qualify for the national championship.

Quidditch was created by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter novels, a pastime that Harry & his friends participated in while at Hogwarts. Vermont's Middlebury College adapted it into an intramural sport in 2005, and the first World Cup was held in 2007.


True to the original game depicted in the Harry Potter series, there are two teams of seven players (one "seeker," three "chasers," two "beaters," and one "keeper") with broomsticks between their legs throughout the game. According to U.S. Quidditch rules, each position wears a different colored headband and there are four balls in play at a time. Each team has to advance a volleyball, referred to as a quaffle, by either running with it, passing it or kicking it to one of three opposing hoops. The beaters use dodgeballs known as bludgers to try to knock out the players. The game is won when the snitch--a tennis ball in a sock--is caught and whoever has the most points wins.

"Hosting this regional tournament is a great win for Cedar Rapids," Aaron McCreight, GO Cedar Rapids President & CEO, told CBS 2. "This is an example of how our outstanding community facilities are attracting unique events...to the area."

Here's a sample video below:

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