Vaping is a dangerous habit and Iowans really want to quit.

Vaping is a super popular way for the youth nowadays to "smoke". The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines vaping (or e-cigarettes) are battery-operated devices that use aerosols that often contain nicotine. I've seen vapes look more like flashdrives or pens, but they can also look like normal cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. One of the more dangerous aspects of vapes, especially for teens, is that vapes often are flavored with sweet tastes, making them more appealing.


But according to the Des Moines Register, many Iowans are trying to quit vaping.

It's a good goal to have.

Statistics show that nationally, over 25% of high school seniors said they have vaped, and in Iowa, using vapes more than doubled between 2016 and 2018, as 22.4% of high school juniors reported vaping. And it's only getting worse. A whopping 50% of students at a large Iowa City high school said they've vaped in a 2019 study.

As for adults, almost 7% say that they've used and are still using e-cigs.

Iowans Are Trying To Quit Vaping

The good news is that Iowa is really trying to quit, according to what we're Googling.

SnusBoss, a company that sells nicotine pouches, did a study to find that Iowa ranks 19th in the nation for trying to quit vaping. We're looking up 'quit vaping', 'stop vaping', 'popcorn lung' (a lung disease that can come from vaping), and 'vaping side effects'.

If you're trying to quit vaping, there are several resources you can reach out to, including Quitline Iowa. You can work with a personal coach to help you quit tobacco and have their support.

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