2020 will be remembered (unfortunately) for the year of the Coronavirus pandemic, shutting down the country and forcing us all to quarantine for months on end. While that is all negative, there is a positive reason to remember 2020 for Iowans.... it's the year Iowa legalized the sale of "To-Go" alcohol permanently.

Yeah, you read that right. It is officially legal in Iowa for bars to sell alcohol "to-go". Now this bill was passed in June by the state House and Senate but was signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds last week and went into effect immediately. The idea of allowing this in the first place was to help local bars and restaurants bring in some profit during the pandemic and this bill will help to continue this trend in Iowa.

Not only is it legal in Iowa but Iowa is the FIRST state to legalize the sale of "To-Go" alcohol from bars. So yeah we are kind of superior right now and honestly, who knew something good could actually come out of 2020! You can find out more about what other states are thinking of making this change and what this means in terms of drinking and driving here. 


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