The coronavirus unfortunately has made its way into the U.S. There is nothing to be too worried about however, as regular precautions and hygiene practices are your best chance at remaining safe. The virus has been well maintained, and experts are saying that survival rate is well in the high 98% range if tested and treated early enough. One Iowan man is telling the story of his encounter with the testing of the disease.

KCRG reports Wally Heitman, of Iowa City, was on a month-long cruise around Asia that came to an abrupt stop when no countries would let his ship port. After 13 days of sailing the ship finally docked in Cambodia, where Heitman tested Negative for the virus. His "adventure" as he called it, didn't end there, however. He was, and still is, in communication with the Iowa Department of Public Health, who has told him to avoid public transportation and to limit interactions as much as possible. With 39 people being tracked in the state of Iowa, there have been no people who have tested positive. KCCI has the full story.

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