Hey, way to o us!!

WalletHub recently ranked the 50 states on 51 livability factors, including housing cost, income growth, education and hospital quality.

And wouldn't you know, after crunching all the numbers, you're living in one of the TOP 10 states according to the study!

Iowa ranks 8th on the list. Iowa also ranked near the top in other areas.

  • We had the #1 lowest housing cost, and 5th highest home ownership rate.
  • 5th in percentage of insured population.
  • We were closer to 'average' at 28th in weekly work hours.
  • We ranked 26th in restaurants per capita.

How did some of our midwest neighbors do? Minnesota was the 2nd most livable state, Wisconsin 6th,South Dakota 18th, Nebraska 19th, Illinois 21st, and Missouri 33rd.

A couple of areas you don't necessarily want to rank highly in, but we did, are

  • Percentage of adults in fair or poor health, we came in 12th.
  • Percentage of population in poverty, we ranked 15th.

You can learn more about the findings of this study here.

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