As the old saying goes, dogs are man's best friend and this story just goes to prove that.

With the recent pandemic we have seen an increase in animal adoptions through shelters and rescues because having an animal has been therapeutic for some to get them through hard times. This rings true for Urbana resident David Evens.

According to People, David Evens recently adopted a dog by the name of Leo from the Dogs Forever shelter in Sioux City. Now, Leo was actually rescued two years ago by Dogs Forever from being euthanized and was brought to the shelter. Unfortunately, Leo had no luck finding an owner quickly though because he had a hard time bonding with potential parents. That was until David came along.

On Christmas Eve in 2019, David Evens was looking on the Dogs Forever website to look for an animal to spend time with. Unfortunatley, David had went through a breakup and needed some support with the loneliness. It was on the website that David found a picture of Leo and decided he wanted to meet the pup. So after an initial visit, David worked for 3 months with a trainer to bone with Leo and get his home puppy ready. By the time March of this year came around he was ready to fully own the pup and Leo was adopted after being in the shelter for 900 days.

David has said the Leo has helped him cope with his breakup and helped to get rid of his loneliness. So whether it is a breakup you are going through or dealing with the pandemic, you may want to think about adopting an animal to have support during hard times. Plus the doggie cuddles can't hurt.

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