The Cyclones finished with an underwhelming 7-5 season but still managed to land themselves a fairly decent bowl game appearance against the 10-2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. For the program, this is quite the game. Any team who plays Notre Dame gets massive TV ratings due to the polarizing fan views of the longstanding catholic university. Unfortunately, for the cyclones, this game is over before it begins.

The Irish are averaging 37.1 points per game to the cyclones 34.2 and Notre Dame's 18.7 points allowed per game to Iowa State's 25.3. While the game on paper looks like a pretty even matchup, Notre Dame has outscored its opponents by 86 points over the past three games. Iowa State put up very nice offensive numbers setting records in passing touchdowns, points scored and total offense under sophomore Quarterback Brock Purdy, but will go up against a very solid front seven on the Irish's defensive line. This disc jockey is predicting the score 38-24 in favor of the Irish.

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