On February 29th, 2024 the Iowa Woo crew announced a major development for the team. The Iowa Woo will be an Arena League Football team that hosts home games right in Waterloo.

It was announced last year that Waterloo would be hosting a team.

Now, the Woo officials have made some big moves with the team.

They will be bringing in a well-respected star in the Arena Football world to coach the team. It has been announced that Mook Zimmerman will be the Iowa Woo's very first head coach.

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A Little Bit About Mook "Hollywood" Zimmerman

Zimmerman was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut. He is an alum of Sacred Heart and went on to play professional football in North and South America for seven seasons.

During five of those years he played pro Arena Football in the United Stares, while he spent two years playing in Europe and Brazil.

"It is a great thrill to be coming to a first class organization like the Woo. I am impressed with both the direction of the league, but even more so, the leadership of the Iowa team," Zimmerman said in a statement.

He began his career in coaching at his alma mater, Sacred Heart Catholic in his hometown. Zimmerman started as the defensive coordinator at this school in 2012.

Ever since, he's been consistently earning the teams he works with championship after championship.

Jade Ewoldt
Jade Ewoldt

"We believe that his experience and personality are exactly what the Cedar Valley needs from an on-filed general to create a team that will be fun to watch play but also be as entertaining as possible. We can hardly wait to see him build our team and lead them this season," said team co-owner Jeff Holmes.

His assistant coach will be Zimmerman's longtime colleague Frank Coston.

When Is the Woo's First Game?

Officials confirm that the Iowa Woo will be playing their season premiere game on May 25th at the Hippodrome in Waterloo.

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