Have you ever done something so unprofessional at work that you definitely would've been fired if they caught you or you were canned because they did?

People from Iowa and all over the US took to Twitter to are sharing the most unprofessional thing they've ever done at work. Here are some highlights:

  • "Watch porn."
  • "Had a Skype interview with another company."
  • "Made cupcakes with Ex-Lax because people kept stealing my lunch."
  • "Went to the movies, then back to the office to clock out."
  • "The girl sitting next to me roasted a whole chicken at her desk."
  • "Had sex with my boss for a $3 raise."  (Hopefully per hour, not per year.)
  • "Packed all eight of my students up in my car to go see why my man wasn't answering the phone."
  • "A customer told me he was allergic to chives so I put chives in his quesadilla so he would send it back untouched and I could eat it."

(Via Buzzfeed)


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