Another day, another crazy Nigerian prince scam surfaces. This time, he's TRAPPED IN SPACE! Sad day for him.... best of luck, use your GPS.

Luckily, Iowans are pretty wise to scams like Nigerian prince ones. According to a new WalletHub study, Iowa ranks #40 out of 51 (study included Washington DC) in a US States most vulnerable to identity theft and fraud study.

Iowa was also near the very bottom (49th) in fraud complaints and ranked 50th in identity theft per capita.

Regarding avoiding falling for internet fraud, experts from WalletHub's study suggest:

 It’s obviously important to use strong passwords for all financial accounts, but you may not realize how essential it is to focus on email. Your primary email address will likely serve as your username and means of resetting your password on other websites. If it’s vulnerable, all of your other accounts will be, too. As a result, make sure to use an especially secure password and establish two-step verification for this account.

See all states rankings below:

Source: WalletHub

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