It's the most expensive time of the year!!!! Isn't that how the song goes? No? Well in some cases maybe it should. This is the time of year when we all see our credit card bills ride a little (lot) higher and it's everything we can do to save a little money here and there for the new year. So how are people saving some money during the holiday season?

There was  survey recently done that asked people where they are getting some extra cash for the holidays. Here are some tips and tricks Iowans!

1. Take extra shifts at work

2.  Open a store credit card

3.  Take a second or part-time job

4.  Start a side hustle

5.  Cut back on electricity and heat

6.  Open a new credit card (BE CAREFUL)

7.  Cut back on going out to eat (This one would be hard for me)

8.  Make deals with significant others not to get each other gifts

9.  Use public transportation

10.  Skip a vacation (this should be a last option because everyone needs some time away for their sanity)

In the Cedar Valley, another option is donating plasma. I know a lot of friends who do this and the process is pretty simple. Good luck with your holiday saving this year!

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