Here in Iowa we have some decadent treats. From fried food on a stick, to our walking tacos there is no shortage of delicious food here in the Hawkeye state. But what food reigns supreme? Well the Des Moines Register asked and YOU answered. And now know what food Iowans consider their favorite.

According to the poll, the number 1 rated food in Iowa was Corn-on-the-Cob. Over 57% of people claimed that it was their favorite food, 40% said they really enjoyed it, and only 3% said it wasn't good. Coming in 2nd place was an Iowa Pork Chop at 46%, followed by Muscatine melon and Maid Rite Sandwiches. I only recently started to enjoy corn on the cob and have yet to eat any Iowa grown corn on the cob, just another reason for wanting summer to come sooner. Check out the list here!

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