I don't know about you but one of my least favorite chores is grocery shopping. I really hate walking around and seeing too many choices, having too many decisions and I just find it really boring, so I try to limit my trips to the grocery store to about once or twice a month so I can just get all my food at once and don't have to go back multiple times. Well, I have recently found out that I may actually be losing money because of this.

Of course everyone's number one goal is to save money when grocery shopping and there is actually a really simple way to do that... go to the grocery store more often. Of course that doesn't sound right, if you wanted to save money wouldn't you avoid the store more? Nope. According to experts, when you go to the store only a couple times a month you tend to overbuy and then never use the food you buy because it expires before you can meaning you are losing all that money.

So the best option to save money is by making more frequent trips to the grocery store and buying in smaller amounts so that you actually use the food you buy. Actually experts say you should go to the store every day but ain't nobody got time for that. Another bonus to saving money is that once you start eating the food you buy you will stop ordering out as much and save even more money.

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