Yep, it's CANDY CORN! The waxy, overtly fall themed treat. Now look, I'm going to be honest and say something I know is controversial: I LOVE CANDY CORN. I do. I'm sorry, it's good!

So how did it come to be determined that Iowan's prefer Candy Corn over, say, Reese's cups or Snickers? The website compiled the data and found that between 2007-17, Iowans purchased 61,271 pounds of the stuff!

Despite this, find me someone (besides me) who likes it. I feel like I'm alone in the notion it's good. But I can't be if we buy so much here in Iowa. So why is it people in Iowa snap up so much Candy Corn? Maybe it's because it has corn in the name and this is Iowa? Or maybe just to feel festive since fall is such an important season for Iowans?

Or maybe, just maaaaybe... people DO like it, but just don't wanna admit it. Let's go with that!

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