Who doesn't love a cute cuddly dog or cat? They're all so... purrrrfect. Sorry. Had to.

But which cute critter is more popular in our state? DOGS or CATS? Cat people will tell you cats, dog people dogs. But now, thanks to The American Veterinary Medical Association, we now know for sure and it's... drum roll please...


Townsquare Media/Johnny Marks

Here in Iowa, there are 20% more cats than dogs. In fact, the whole Midwest is cat country. But trends shift as you head south of Iowa. While our neck of the woods is the cats meow, it's a lot more fido-friendly south of the Mason-Dixon Line. More or less, Southern states are more into the bark than the purr. Why? Maybe climate? It certainly isn't a ton of fun to go for a walk with your pup in sub-zero weather. However, have you ever seen a dog in one of those adorable sweaters? Come on now, that is Instagram GOLD.



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