For those of us who have lived our more or all of our life here in the Midwest, it pretty much goes without saying we're happy people. Talk to anyone from the East Coast. They'll say we're, 'suspiciously polite.' Talk to anyone from the West Coast. They'll say we, 'work hard and have good morals.' Of course, they also think we're fly over country... but what those who are from the Midwest all seem to agree on: We're pretty happy. And Iowa is no exception. According to the website MagnifyMoney, Iowans are the eighth happiest in the US. Not bad considering that is out of fifty. So what was the criteria and who has us beat?

They ranked:

Health: Including things like depression rates and how much sleep people get.

Lifestyle choices: Things like work-life balance and how many vacation days people take.

And prosperity: Things like household income and unemployment.

What states beat us? Only Minnesota, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Nebraska. All but two are fellow Midwestern states.

So time for the dirt! Who are the ten most unhappy states? According to the study it's Louisiana, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Nevada and Georgia.

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