No, No, No, NO! It may be the holiday season but that doesn't mean we celebrate only ONE holiday. I am so sick and tired of only hearing about Christmas and nothing about Halloween! It's like Halloween is the ugly step-sister no one wants to mention and yet Christmas gets December and Christmas in July. I personally think you should not put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving but I am apparently not with the majority.

There is a new survey out that says 42% of Americans are okay with putting up Christmas decorations! WHAT?! So wrong. Not only that, but 62% of us are also fine with stores putting Christmas stuff out this month. I feel so bad for Halloween being thrown aside like it's trash. Nobody puts a holiday in a corner!

Well if you were surprised by those numbers, you probably won't be surprised by this one at least... the survey also found 57% of us also start our Christmas shopping but that's not surprising because we are looking for those deals not to break the bank.

What do you think? Is this too early to put up Christmas decorations?

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