A proposal is a big event in two people's lives. Everyone wants to know the "proposal" story and how unique it was for each couple. How much more unique can you get than representing your love through all things "Iowa."

For the time I have been here, if you are going to have an "Iowan" themed proposal, I would think it involved Busch Light, corn and some country music playing in the background. Well, did one recent engagement of an Iowan couple live up to these standards?

Aaron Adam is a farmer from Richland, Iowa whom recently proposed to his long time girlfriend, Shelby Chapman by growing the proposal! According to the Des Moines Register, Adam got some help drawing boundaries in a field near Richland to spell out the message, "Will you Marry Me." He then spoke with Jim Lafrenze of Pioneer Hybrids whom helped him pick two varieties of corn with distinct tassel colors in order to see the message clearly.

Then Adam got to work planting corn with one color of tassels as the background and then went back through and planted the other color of tassels for the words. This writing covered 45 acres of land! Seems like a lot of work to me for a proposal but it showed his love for his girlfriend! So, how did she see it? Well, on August 2nd, Adam invited his girlfriend for a "spontaneous" hot air balloon trip with him and 15 minutes into the ride she saw the message! She of course said yes, which would have been a waste of hard work if she would have said no.

I would say that this is definitely the most "Iowan" proposal ever, right?

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