Someone might need to go check on Illinois.

As someone who used to DJ 24/7 Christmas music for the whole month of December, I can confirm there are some Christmas songs that do in fact just plain suck. There are songs that are overrated, really weird, or even some that are underrated. Some songs you can listen to for the whole season, other ones you can't make it through even once.


One thing that's been terribly annoying with Christmas music this year is that one song that's been trending on TikTok, every stitch and remake of the song, is enough to make you scroll past the video as soon as you hear the opening note.

You know what I'm talking about before I even say it.

Illinois' Favorite Christmas Song Is Annoying

FinanceBuzz looked at each state's favorite Christmas songs for 2023. Most of us have decided to lean into the traditional route, with Iowa loving "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", Wisconsin preferring "Holly Jolly Christmas", and most states listening to songs of old.

Then there's Illinois.

Their favorite song (also voted as the most annoying one) is the Mariah Carey hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You".


That song took on an awful new life on TikTok & Instagram when it was paired with Mariah Carey's "It's timeeee!" And it's been rampant on social media, with videos depicting anything Christmas and comments begging users to quit using that song.

But. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was also found to be the most popular song in the country. As well as the most annoying.

Either way, we only have a few more weeks left until the Christmas music goes back in the freezer until next year.

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