One fan finally posted her amazing interaction with one of the biggest names in country music after his stellar concert in Iowa a few weeks ago.

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We can't seem to get enough of Luke Bryan, can we?

The 'American Idol' judge returned to Iowa on Friday, September 23rd to round out his annual Farm Tour. His shows on farms have become a staple for the country star for the past decade or so.

His 13th Farm Tour saw him returning to Boone for another great show.

Jameson Rodgers and Riley Green opened up the second to last stop on the tour.

Both artists even got to share the stage with Luke Bryan during the 'American Idol' judge's set. One of the best moments of the show (at least in my very professional and unbiased opinion) was when Rodgers and Bryan performed 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.'

Rodgers actually wrote this song for Bryan's most recent album.

Watch the moment down below!

One moment I've always been jealous of at his shows is when it comes time for Bryan to sing 'One Margarita.' He always comes out onto the stage with a big margarita and gives it to one lucky audience member.

An Iowan got to live out every Luke Bryan fan's dream at the show.

Carter Wulf went to the concert in Boone ready for this moment. Wulf pulled up with a bright neon green sign that said, "1 margarita, 2 margarita, 3 margarita...ME!"

Once Bryan got onto the stage to perform that song, you bet that he went straight for Carter. The country singer carefully handed it to the security guard who then passed it along to Wulf.

Check out the full video down below!

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