Last week we talked about a former golfer for the University of Iowa, who miraculously qualified for one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world, after battling it out in 8 extra playoff holes. Alex Schaake will tee off in the US Open, in Los Angeles, this Thursday. In his trio, he will play alongside Austen Truslow, and amateur golfer, Christian Cavaliere.


What we didn't talk about very much last week was Alex's career as a Hawkeye. This Omaha native was an absolute beast while he played at the University of Iowa. He was simply stupendous, especially during his years as an upperclassman.

According to Hawkeye Sports, Alex is the only Hawkeye to be voted Big 10 Player of the Year twice, which he did back in 2019 and 2021. He's the only Hawkeye to earn all-conference postseason honors four times. He is one of three Hawkeyes to win the Hawkeye Invitational golf tournament multiple times. His name is also in the Hawkeye record books for recording three of the top four, 54-hole scores in school history.

Like I said...this dude was an absolute stud in college and now he has accomplished a feat that very few golfers get the chance to do.

This isn't the first PGA Tour event Alex has participated in either. In July of 2021, he earned a sponsor's exemption to play in the PGA Tour, John Deere Classic. The second time Schaake participates on the PGA Tour, will be at the US Open, which is pretty mind-blowing to me.

You can follow Alex, along with his group, as they all tee off at 4:27 central time, this Thursday. For his second round, on Friday, Alex will tee off at 10:57 central time.

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