College ain't cheap, people! With room & board, textbooks, and tuition, the cost of this type of education starts to add up. One Jesup teen was looking to knock off the cost of some of his education with a peculiar scholarship.

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Casey Alferink was a finalist in a national scholarship contest that could win him $10,000. What did he do to qualify? Nothing too complicated...just create an entire tuxedo out of duct tape.

Stuck At Prom/ Casey Alferink

Graduating seniors win upwards of $20,000 in scholarships if they make prom attire out of Duck Brand Duct Tape.  Contestants submit photos of their creations made from duct tape to be considered. According to the official Stuck At Prom website, this duct tape masterpiece took about 80 hours and 15 rolls to make.

Alferink's creation is especially unique...and we'll admit to being a bit partial. His entire suit is carefully crafted to honor the Hawkeye State. There are so many unique details that the teen put into this suit to pay tribute to his home state of Iowa.


My personal favorite detail is the back where the graduate put in an homage to the iconic American Gothic painting.


I actually remember reading about this particular scholarship when I was graduating highschool. There was even a brief moment when I considered going through with it. Then I remembered that I am not artistic nor am I crafty.


While he didn't come in first in this huge national scholarship, he did however end up at the very top of the list of duct tape masterpieces. His Iowa inspired tuxedo was the first runner up in the tux category.

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