Disney has its sights set on the second star to the right for its next live-action movie adaptation. That’s right, Disney will be tackling Peter Pan in their upcoming film Peter Pan & Wendy helmed by Pete’s Dragon director David Lowery. While it’s still early days for the project, one thing is absolutely certain — the studio wants Jude Law to play Captain Hook. According to Variety, Law is in talks to take on the one-handed villain. If the deal goes through, Law will join the ranks of Dustin Hoffman, Jason Isaacs, and Garrett Hedlund as the next actor to portray the role on the big screen.

Following a string of financially successful (critically, not so much) live-action adaptations of their animated classics, Disney is wasting no time in planning its next endeavor. Peter Pan is an interesting choice, since it’s already been remade quite a few times to no particular avail. Steven Spielberg's Hook was not received well by critics, while P.J. Hogan’s Peter Pan was better but tanked in terms of box office sales. More recently, Joe Wright’s 2015 prequel Pan failed to make a lasting impression, and this year’s Wendy (from Beasts of the Southern Wild director Benh Zeitlin) came and went virtually unnoticed. There’s no point denying it — nothing will live up to the 1956 animated version.

Maybe these missteps are why Disney is so adamant about creating a Peter Pan live-action adaptation that lives up to its name. Or maybe they’re just on a mission to remake every childhood favorite we hold so near and dear to our hearts. Either way, expect to see Peter Pan & Wendy heading to movie theaters (not straight to Disney+) sometime in the future.

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