Ahh remember when you were a kid and ice-cream was all about fun flavors like Rocky Road, cookies and cream, mint or bubble gum? Welllllll, not anymore my friend.

There's a ritzy ice-cream chain on the west coast called Salt & Straw, and they just created two new ice cream flavors for Halloween: One that's made with real blood, and one that's made with insects!! Yep. As in, creepy crawling bugs. Yum?

The blood flavor uses actual pig's blood mixed in with a spiced ice cream. The insect flavor uses chocolate-covered crickets and mealworms mixed into a green tea ice-cream. EWWWW. YUCK! green tea ice-cream? I mean... bugs?!

If you want them, you can actually order pints from Salt & Straw's website starting on Friday. Let me know how they taste...

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