The Loki trailer is finally here. And it has a ton of Easter eggs, secrets, and references. In the video below, we break them all down.

For example, the arcade game Polybius in the background of one shot refers to a famous urban legend about a government experiment that involved an addictive game named ... Polybius. It’s seen in the sequence where Loki is wearing a suit and tie, and sporting a button that reads “Vote Loki” — a reference to the 2016 Marvel comic named ... Vote Loki. There are also multiple references to the TVA, which in Marvel comics is the “Time Variance Authority,” an organization that protects the timestream from unnatural interference. It looks like they’ve noticed what the Avengers did in Endgame.

Those are just a couple of examples from the trailer, but there are so many more. Watch our Loki Easter egg video below to see them all:

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