It's a play unlike any you've ever seen. Waterloo Community Playhouses' rendition of 'Wait Till Dark'. Wait Till Dark was a movie done back in 1967 which cast Audrey Hepburn as Susan Hendrix, the protagonist of the film. The premise of the film is simple, some crooks stalk a blind woman for a very special item she has in her possession. In WCP's version though, there is something unique. The actress who plays Susan Hendrix, is actually blind.

Kelsi Hansen, a young independent living teacher, who works with the Iowa Department of the Blind, is making her acting debut this coming Thursday night. She's taken the role head on, and stunned her cast and crew with an incredible work ethic and commitment to this role. How do I know this? Well, I'm in the play too.

I play Lieutenant Michael Talman, one of the leading male roles. I've been privileged to work alongside Kelsi and cannot wait for future endeavours with her. If you aren't doing anything this weekend, pay us a visit! Just make sure you lock your doors this weekend... The crooks Wait Till Dark. Read the full bio on Kelsi here. 

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