IF THIS ISN'T THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! Ok, I'll dial it back a bit, but come on this is adorable. Soda Pup, (crazy cute name) is an 11-year old boxer who lives in Maryland and he's become a local sensation.

His parents own a winery called 'Stone House', and when it closed due to coronavirus, Soda Pup became abnormally depressed. " After we could no longer have our guests come into the winery in a social setting, I noticed that Soda was looking a little sad"... That's when they had the idea of doing door to door deliveries, with the most handsome delivery boy ever.

To place an order, customers may call Stone House ahead of time to get recommendations and secure bottles. Then, to get doggy delivery, when customers get to the parking lot, they can just call the winery to alert the staff that they're ready for Soda.

It's the perfect way that residents can still support small business and have a smile put on their faces. Also, even better safety practices (dogs don't carry COVID)! Today has the full story.

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