At some point, we were all probably given the same financial advice; be smart with your money, because "money doesn't grow on trees."  And, at a different point in life, we've probably all wished that it did. Well, apparently, money trees are indeed a real thing!

Take a moment, process your feelings of betrayal...okay, now here's what's up with these.

I only just learned about money trees this weekend, because my parents were nice enough to get me one for my birthday! Here's what they look like:

Photo: Andi/Townsquare Media
Photo: Andi/Townsquare Media

Full disclosure: those singles came in a birthday card, not from the tree itself.

Here's how the money tree really works, according to a gardening site called Green and Vibrant:

The legend which gave this plant its name says that the money tree plant will bring great wealth to its owner, and the trunks are usually braided together to "lock in" luck and fortune.

I'll keep you posted on if the legend is actually true. Fingers crossed!

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