The old saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That is especially true in the world of movies. There isn’t a film out there that everyone universally loves or everyone universally hates. There are people who think The Godfather is overrated and people who think Gigli is a misunderstood classic. Cinematic beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.

For proof of that, check out the 30 films below. They are all personal favorites of mine that, according to the wider general consensus, were flops, bombs, and stinkers. Not to me! If you ask me, all of these titles deserve a second chance and a lot more respect.

In order to find movies where I was deeply out of step with the wider general consensus, I needed to figure out what the wider general consensus was in the first place. For that, I went to Letterboxd, where I compared my own scores to films’ average ratings from the site’s millions of users. All movies on Letterboxd are rated on a scale from 0 to five stars; if I gave a movie three stars or better, but its average rating was below that (or in a couple cases, way below that), it was eligible to be included. (For reference purposes, I also included the average Letterboxd score for each film, so you could see just how disliked each title is.)

Will this change anything? Probably not. Most people will continue to write off these movies. But if a single person who was avoiding these films before watches one because they read about it here, I will be satisfied.

Movies Everyone Hates That Are Actually Good

These films got bad reviews, were mostly box-office bombs, and still have very low scores on Letterboxd. But they’re all surprisingly good.

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