Have you ever moved? Who hasn't. Into a dorm... a new apartment... a house... It's the worst in fact. Buuuut when it's all over, it feels so good. You can put your stuff wherever you want it, paint the walls whatever weird color you want, and play music with heavy bass at 3am! Ok, maybe not that.

So now that I am officially moved into the Cedar Valley, having bought a house with my wife last month, I should more formally introduce myself!

I'm Johnny Marks. And I have a radio show. But it's certainly not my first. This the 10th time I have moved for radio. I have been in the biz for almost two decades. I started my career in Mauston, Wisconsin in 2003. I also have worked in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Fargo, North Dakota, nearby Decorah, Iowa and most recently in Manakto, Minnesota.

It's great to be a part of Eastern Iowa once again! Forgive me if you hear me say 'you betcha' a time or ten... Drop me a line sometime, follow me on social media (I follow back), and get ready for some fun!

Ready? I'm ready... what are we doing. I mean, I said I'm ready...

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