While Christmas Day gave us 60 degree weather, (which we loved by the way) January is set to give us a bitter cold as it always does. When the temperature goes below five, we stay inside. It makes so much sense, it rhymes. So, while you stay indoors and cook popcorn and sip hot chocolate you'll need something to watch. Luckily, Netflix knows your habits and is here to help. Here's a list of three MUST WATCH new Netflix releases beginning in 2020.

1). Grace and Frankie Season 6 -These two loveable ladies are back for the sixth installment of their lives after their husbands fell in love with one another.

2). Sex Education Season 2- Sex is complicated. Especially in high school. This british comedy series explores the difficulty of dating and sex as a young adult.

3). Cheer- The makers of Last Chance U are coming out with a brand new series about the Navarro College cheer team. Dive into the world of college cheerleading.

There's plenty of other series and movies to tune into, but these three pack a major punch. I hope you enjoy!

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