USA Today recently put out its list of the 20 Best Christmas Movies, and quite frankly, it's terrible (Home Alone at #19?? Everything else on your list is invalid at that point). It's A Wonderful Life is boring and uber-depressing, and and Elf is the Hocus Pocus of Christmas films (a simply "okay" movie that gets way overblown because of the holiday it's associated with).

Admittedly, I haven't seen a lot of the older films on the list, so I can't really comment on those. For my list I chose to focus on actual Christmas movies. So, if you're a die hard fan of, well, Die Hard, you won't be seeing it here.

Here's MY top 10 list:

HONORABLE MENTION: Ernest Saves Christmas. It's dumb, it's cheesy, but I wore that cassette out as a little boy.

10.) The Santa Clause

One of my favorites as a kid. Though, as an adult, I have to ask "Did Tim Allen kill Santa?"

9.) The Night Before

8.) A Christmas Story

Like you need to see a clip of's on TV 24 straight hours every year...

7.) Gremlins 

Sure, Gizmo is cute and cuddly, but he may be one of the worst Christmas gifts ever.

6.) The Grinch

5.) The Nightmare Before Christmas (This falls in a weird category, because it's probably more of a Halloween movie, but there is a Christmas theme, as well. I mean, Jack Skellington arranges to kidnap Santa Claus.)

4.) Bad Santa

(WARNING: This clip contains adult language)

3.) Home Alone

Still one of the most quotable holiday movies ever. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.

2.) Scrooged

Bill Murray playing a modern-day (or a 1988 version on modern-day, anyway) Ebenezer Scrooge never gets old.

1.) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Anyone who has tried to go above and beyond to make Christmas special can relate to Clark Griswold. And doesn't every family have a Cousin Eddie?

Hopefully you enjoyed this list of Christmas faves. And if you didn't, pour some egg nog and try to find Die Hard on Netflix. Happy Holidays!

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