There's something about Taco Bell after a night out. It always seems to satisfy those late night cravings--I mean, they invented the term 'fourth meal' for a reason. Taco Bell is seriously revamping its $1 menu--adding 20 new items throughout 2018--but the one fans seem most excited about is NACHO FRIES.

The chain announced that it will introduce $1 Nacho Fries to all of its restaurants for a limited time beginning Thursday, January 25th. The concept is as simple as it sounds; Taco Bell describes them as French fries "crisped to perfection with bold Mexican seasoning." 

You can also order them "Supreme" or "Bell Grande," loaded with toppings like beef, pico de gallo, nacho cheese, and sour cream. The Supreme and Bell Grande versions will set you back $2.49 and $3.49, respectively, while the regular order with a cup of cheese sauce is only $1.

Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell's Chief Marketing Officer, told Thrillist, "We are...completely committed to coming up with the most craveable, creative menu items that set the bar for what great food at a great value should be."

Taco Bell's value menu overhaul also includes the $1 Stacker, which debuted late last month. The other menu items have yet to be announced, but Nacho Fries will be pretty hard to beat. I can already picture the line snaking around the parking lot at 2:00 a.m.

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