Why is every other blog post I write about food? Because I'm an American that's why! Alright, now that my transient moment of nationalism is over, I can get to the real news. ITS NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY!

We're all familiar with the nationally recognized  holidays like Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, etc.. but what we forget about are the red headed step children holidays, Arbor Day, Flag Day, Presidents day and the like.

I am here to put an end to this neglect, and to begin a new era, and it begins with Doughnut Day.

As a new Iowan I'm always looking for new places to get some sweet treats, so when I stumbled across this list I bookmarked the site, cleared my Saturday schedule and am now patiently waiting with my car keys in hand. Here's the lineup I'm currently going with-


If your'e feeling loose on this fun Friday, head on down to your nearest doughnut shop, I'm sure there are a few special deals you could swing.

Isn't it time to start giving these lesser known holidays the credit they deserve? Hopefully this PSA finds you well, and we can all come together, one delicious, frosting filled bite at a time.

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