A stolen ambulance from Council Bluffs was pursued by Omaha Police officers on Saturday morning. The driver, identified as Austin Risor, now faces charges in both Nebraska and Iowa for his reckless actions.

The Pursuit Begins

The pursuit began after Pottawattamie County authorities notified the Omaha Police of the chase around 7:30 a.m. It was later confirmed that the ambulance was taken from Mercy Hospital's emergency room unloading zone. Thankfully, there were no patients inside the vehicle at the time. Firefighters ran after the ambulance, but they couldn't catch up to it.

Austin Risor, 29 (Omaha Police Department)
Austin Risor, 29 (Omaha Police Department)

The Chase Continues

As the chase continued, the Omaha Police took over as the ambulance crossed into Nebraska. Although several stopsticks were deployed, they failed to stop the driver. The suspect even drove against oncoming traffic at times, putting others in danger.

Negotiators were brought in to persuade the driver to stop, and the OPD's helicopter was called in to assist as the ambulance made its way into Bennington.

Several cruisers were following the vehicle, and 6 News crews witnessed the ambulance cutting through Westview High School's parking lot while a soccer match was underway. The vehicle's front tire was blown, and smoke was coming from its front end.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Pursuit Comes To An End

The pursuit finally came to an end after a successful stopstick deployment in the area of Ida Street and Military Road. The driver, Risor, was taken into custody about two hours after the initial call. Fortunately, no one was injured, but there was at least one accident caused by the chase.


Risor now faces a hit-and-run charge, theft by receiving, and flight to avoid arrest. Additionally, he had an outstanding warrant for being a work release absconder. He also faces a first-degree theft charge in Iowa.

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