Sick customers at a movie theatre might not make news headlines, but when they're clearing out the theatre itself, somethings wrong. The Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre in La Vista Nebraska had the police called after such an event. Police Chief Bob Lausten told KETV that the customers were accidentally served cleaning solution.

You read that correctly.  Sarah Baker told KETV that she was having a day out with a friend at the theater and that they each ordered a drink inspired by the movie "Ford vs. Ferrari." When she received the drink and took a sip, she claimed she could feel the burning sensation and felt her lips peeling. She and her friend both had the drink and immediately ran to the bathroom to vomit. Baker said that another bartender tasted the drink and began having similar symptoms. All three were taken to the hospital.

Ostensibly, the theatre had reused a bottle of alcohol and marked it with a piece of tape around the neck to indicate it as cleaning solution. The theatre has yet to release a statement.  KCCI has the full story here.

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