Anyone who went to college knows one ain't cheap. And thousands of grads leave college saddled with a seemingly-hopeless amount of student loan debt. According to The Washington Post, college debt affects as many as 44 million Americans, with the average student owing about $37,000. Hell, I finished school eight years ago and still have nearly $50,000 to pay back.

The student debt crisis is a messy one and doesn't have an easy solution. But a new TV show is trying to help.

TruTV's brand new game show Paid Off features three contestants facing off answering trivia questions. Those contestants must be carrying college debt to appear on the show. Depending on how many questions the winner answers in a speed round, the show will pay up to 100% of those loans, with TruTV footing the bill.

This is a pretty clever and innovative way to draw attention to a serious problem. Paid Off premieres tonight (July 10) and will air Tuesday nights on TruTV. This might already be my new favorite show. How can I audition for this?

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