Nicki Minaj wants the internet deleted after discovering her face appears in a Tom Holland deep fake video.

Nicki Minaj's Face Appears in a Tom Holland Deep Fake Video

On Sunday (July 9), Nicki Minaj jumped on her Twitter account expressing her shock after seeing that her face was used in a Tom Holland deep fake video. The Queens, N.Y. rhymer was so upset that she demanded that the internet be deleted immediately.

"HELP!!! What in the AI shapeshifting cloning conspiracy theory is this?!?!! I hope the whole internet get deleted!!!" she tweeted.

When a fan asked Nicki if people could use her image for a gag video, the "Super Bass" rapper responded that she didn't know and announced that the internet would be abolished on Monday (July 10) at 9 a.m.

"I do not know! But as Queen of the British Monarchy & the commonwealth, I hereby abolish the internet. Effective @ 0900 military time tomorrow morning, 10th July, 20 hundred & 23. BON VOYAGE B***H," she wrote.

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Where Did The Tom Holland Deep Fake Video Come From?

It's understandable why Nicki Minaj is upset with the video; she most likely didn't give her consent to having her image used in a deep-fake video. The video above is actually a snippet from a television show on the ITVX network called Deep Fake Neighbour Wars. According to IMDB, the parody show spoofs New Zealand's once-popular reality series Neighbours at War, however, it uses artificial intelligence and visual technology to create sketches with celebrity faces.

One episode of the show features a deep fake Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland as a newlywed couple who are at odds with their nosy neighbor, Facebook/Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose face is also fake.

Other episodes include a deep fake Kim Kardashian having a dispute with her neighbor a fake Idris Elba and fake Beyoncé is having noise-related issues with her annoying neighbor, a fake Billie Eilish, who's not fond of her as well.

The videos/episodes are bizarre and demonstrate how A.I. technology is evolving and getting out of control. Something Jay-Z's longtime engineer Young Guru warned the industry about in regards to copyright infringement and trademarks back in April.

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See video of Nicki Minaj's deepfake below.

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